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Location and Transportation

aiwan Taitung Hostel- Taitung Sea Art Hostel &Tour- Mother Land

Location: (台11線148km光觀景點水往上流上山10分鐘處) 請抄下我們的交通指標

We are at Taiwan Taitung Dulan Village, it's only 10 mins drive away from Dulan Sugar Factory.

(We are 10 mins drive up the mountain road from the tourist spot "Water Running Up" . Please take note of the directions we gave you below. thanks!)

 Emily 0935061578  Home phone:089531707



Taitung Train Station--- Taxi to our place

If you want to hire different taxi driver at Taitung Train Station, please write down the directions and show it to the driver. We highly recommend driver Allen and Xiao Hu.

* Hire drivers from Taitung Train Station or Taitung Airport to Taitung Sea Art ,Sugar Factory , Fugang:

Sea Art to Taitung Train Station 台東火車站 (About half hour) 700 NT for 2 people

Sea Art to Taitung Airport 台東機場(40~50mins)800 NT  for 2 people

Sea Art to Dulan Sugar Factory one way 都蘭糖廠單趟(10 mins) 250 NT for 2 people

Sea Art to Fugang 富岡漁港(15mins) 400 NT for 2 people

Please also mention how many people to the drivers! More people might charge a bit more!Thanks!

Allen 0920928255 (Speak English)

 Sea Art to Taitung Train Station 台東火車站 (About half hour) 500 NT for 2 people

TaoYuan Airport http://www.taoyuanairport.gov.tw/english/index.jsp

Taitung Airport  http://www.tta.gov.tw/en/en1.asp 


2. 台東火車站-搭公車到都蘭糖廠-糖廠到民宿接送單趟250元(2人)

Taitung Train Station- Bus to Dulan Sugar Factory-200NT(2people) pick up from Dulan Sugar Factory to our place

Please book pick up with us in advance!

Taitung Train Station to Dulan Schedule 台東火車站到都蘭
◎(30mins) 53 NT
0655 0810 1020 1055 1210
1430 1500 1600 1625 1720
1820 1930 2020 2140

Dulan to Taitung Train Station Schedule 都蘭到台東海車站
◎ (30mins)53 NT
0627 0707 0754 0813 0843
0928 1227 1313 1347 1443
1554 1918

3. 台東火車站-東帝租機車或汽車(火車站對面)

Taitung Train Station - Dongdi Car or scooter Rental(Across from Train Station)
Note: You need Taiwanese scooter license to rent a scooter,and Taiwanese car license to rent car. You need international driver's license to rent cars at Car Plus.


自行開車Drive on your own

When you are on Highway 11 at 148km mark, you will see the tourist sign "Water Running Up ".

Go up to the parking lot,countinue on the road ,pass the little bridge.

At the next split road ,where you will see our first wooden hand-painted bird sign,turn right.

Follow 11 more of these flower/animal/bird signs (12 total) ,and you will arrive at our place.

We recommend you to arrive before dark!








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