Taiwan Taitung Sea Art Guest House- Mother Land

Welcome to                                                                     Taiwan Taitung Sea Art Guest House &Cottage Rental& Vacation Home Rental &Health Retreat-Mother Land in Dulan

 Taiwan Taitung Sea Art Guest House &Cottage Rental&Vacation Home Rental& Health Retreat-Mother Land in Dulan


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Contact Person: Emily886+0935061578 dreamboat6166@yahoo.com.tw

                           Roman 0988243108 

                          Please leave me a text message or email if I didn't get back to you in time.

                         Home Phone: 089-531707(Call before 21:00pm)

Location : We are in Dulan Village ,Donghe Township Taitung County Taiwan.payhDoMWIf0


 Outlook of our traditional house. 房子外觀

Our family photo 全家福 : We have two young boys, 3 dogs and 2 cats. 我們有兩個小男生,3條狗,2隻貓 




Mountain and ocean view around us. 山景和海景 

 Indoor living room. 室內客廳

Comfortable sofa in the living room. Roman made all of the pillows and the cover of the sofa.客廳舒適的沙發,抱枕和沙發皮套都是Roman親手做的 



 Outdoor sofa室外沙發





 Outdoor kitchen 室外廚房



Outdoor bathroom and showers. 戶外廁所和衛浴

Roman had built a permanent shelter around one of our two shower stalls.Making it much more private and comfortable in colder weather. Roman把其中一間衛浴用木頭圍起來了,比較有隱私,天冷的時候也不怕......拍拍手!


Our one double bed room. 我們的雙人雅房 




Mother Land is a great vacation spot for friends to get together and relax. In the morning you can see eagles above you and gorgeous ocean view within a minute walk.
Great hiking path for you to explore. Colorful birds and butterflies everywhere.Fruit trees around you. Starry night with animal sounds at night.

 台灣台東海之藝民宿-大地之母適合喜歡原始大自然生活的好朋友,想要與台灣台東大地之母有親密的接觸,在大地之母你可以遠離塵囂,與大自然生態共處,享受白天老鷹盤旋天際,彩蝶紛飛,青翠的鳥鳴聲環繞,綠意盎然的大自然景色,走路不到一分鐘即可以欣賞美麗的海景,夜晚滿天星,不時傳來貓頭鷹的呼呼叫聲,青蛙聲此起彼落,夜晚的大自然就像首首動聽的交響樂曲,好友聚集在戶外烤肉聊天,享受大自然最真的一面! 大地之母鳥類,昆蟲,植物,生態非常的豐富,歡迎喜歡大自然原野生活的您來訪!我們沒有高級的設施,只有最美麗的自然環境等您來體驗!

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